Carbon Nanotube Probes

High-Quality and High-Performance

K-Tek Nanotechnology offers a diverse line of high-quality and high-performance Carbon Nanotube (CNT) probes, available in many different configurations. We strive to provide high-quality products at a reduced cost, with unparalleled customer service and support. Durable and perfectly straight in all places, the user is able to set the exact imaging orientation without the same failure rate seen in other products.

FN 5 AFM Probe Tip
FN Series
The NEW FN series gives you everything you need: low radius of curvature, high aspect ratio imaging and long life in a single probe.
MET Series AFM Probes
MET Series
Trench/high aspect ratio measurement AFM tips. Post shape AFM probe with carbon nanotube tip specifically engineered for critical metrology applications.
TN-HAR Series AFM Probes
TN-HAR Series
Long lasting AFM probe with carbon nanotube tip.