What We Do

K-TEK Nanotechnology supplies a comprehensive portfolio of AFM probes and accessories and scientific products that cover a wide range of customer demands from basic imaging requirements to the most complex applications. We strive to continually bring new products based on the latest technology. It is our mission to offer only the best products to keep customers on-track and on-budget to achieving reliable and consistent results. Our AFM probes and accessories are compatible with all major AFM manufacturers.

Our customers are important to us, and customer service is our top priority. K-TEK Nanotechnology’s specialists provide friendly service, dependable technical support, and competitive pricing.

Our Core Values

These are the time-honored principles by which we operate and conduct business.

1. Honor & Integrity

We operate professionally under a culture of honor. We respect our colleagues, customers, suppliers, communities, and treat them as we want to be treated. We believe people work best when there is a solid foundation of honor and trust. We also believe in doing what’s right. We believe that doing business with integrity will lead to mutual success for the company and every person involved.


2. Ownership & Accountability

We foster a culture of ownership. Every employee takes personal responsibility for our company’s success: meeting daily business needs and helping others improve their effectiveness. We are leaders in our area of responsibility and have a deep commitment to achieving objectives and strategies. We believe it is the responsibility of every employee to continually develop themselves and others. We encourage and expect a level of expertise and excellence.


3. Excellence

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We continually seek improvement and have a desire to win in business. We want to inspire and empower people to achieve high expectations, standards, and challenging goals. We are honest with people about performance. We have a passion for exceeding customer expectations through focus, active engagement, and creative solutions. We want to beat the status quo.


4. Teamwork

We are not a one-man show. We believe that there is power in “us”. We expect accountability from each other, and encourage helping others become successful. While we work hard, we also want to have fun while engaging in our areas of responsibility.


5. Long Term Vision

We are building a sustainable business. This means we place great value on developing mutually productive relationships with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and communities. We also have a clear vision of operating our core business against clearly articulated and aligned objectives and strategies. We will continually reinvent the way we do business to always be successful in the global market. It is what we do now that puts us in a position to better face tomorrow.