High Aspect Ratio SCD AFM Probes
High Aspect Ratio SCD AFM ProbesHigh Aspect Ratio SCD AFM Probes

High Aspect Ratio SCD Probes

High Aspect Ratio Single Crystal Diamond AFM Probes for Noncontact/Tapping and Force Modulation Modes

High Aspect Ratio Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) cantilevers consist of standard silicon probes and high aspect ratio single crystal diamond needle grown in CVD process.

These probes have a very narrow CVD-grown diamond needle glued to a standard tipless silicon cantilever. With a tip cone angle of less than 10 degrees, the tip can enter deep tranches and in between high particles, providing detailed topography images. SCD tips are very hard and wear is significantly slower than standard silicon tips. Low deformation of a tip is great for elasticity investigations and simple nanoindentation or force lithography experiments. SCD tips have low surface energy making them ideal for sticky biological samples.


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Resonant Frequency kHz
Force Constant Nm
± 5μm
± 3μm
± 0.5μm
NSG30/SCD125 40 4 240 320 440 22 40 100
FMG01/SCD225 32 2.5 40 60 96 1 3 5

Cantilever Specifications
Material Single Crystal Silicon, N-type, 0.01-0.025 Ω-cm, Antimony doped
Cantilever Geometry Rectangular (cross-section is trapezium)
Number of Cantilevers 1
Back Side Coating Au reflective coating
SCD Tip Specifications
SCD Tip Length 12-14 µm
Tip Cone Angle < 10°
Tip Aspect Ratio > 1:5
Tip Curvature Radius < 10 nm
General Information
  • Standard chip size: 1.6×3.4×0.3 mm
  • The base silicon is highly doped to avoid electrostatic charges.

By special request, SCD tips can be attached to any standard or Etalon series tipless cantilever.

Additional Information

Details Price QTY
Cantilever Series: FMG01
Product Tip Quantity: 5
Cantilever Series: NSG30
Product Tip Quantity: 5
Cantilever Series: