Colloidal Probes

K-Tek Nanotechnology’s special Colloidal Probes are perfect for studying the rheological characteristics of many soft objects. We offer two different configurations: Micron (with micron spheres attached to tipless probes) and Sub-Micron (with sub-micron spheres attached to the tip of the silicon probe). Both come with standard gold (Au) backside coating. Sub-Micron sphere probes are also available with custom coating upon request.

Colloidal Submicron AFM Probe
Cantilevers with submicron spheres attached to silicon tip
Special colloidal probes with spherical particles calibrated by size and fixed on the very end of the needle tip. The particles diameter have sizes 250nm, 650nm and 900nm what gives to colloidal probes the possibility to preserve the AFM resolution at the submicron level.
Cantilevers with micron spheres attached to tipless probes
Colloidal probes with near perfect micro-spheres of various materials attached at the end of tipless cantilevers.