Diamond-Coated Conductive AFM Probe

DCP Series

Diamond-Coated Conductive Probes

K-Tek Nanotechnology’s Diamond-Coated Probes (DCP) are the ideal probe for AFM Oxidation Nanolithography. Make as many images as you want! Our DCP probes are stable and non-destructive and can stand up to continual use. These superior, wear-resistant probes will fulfill your research needs time and time again.

  • Recommended for electrical modes.
  • Specially recommended for Oxidation Nanolithography*.


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Resonant Frequency kHz
Force Constant Nm
± 10μm
± 5μm
± 0.5μm
DCP10100 35 2 190 255 325 5.5 11.5 22.5
DCP11A130 35 2 115 150 190 2.5 5.5 10
B100 35 2 190 255 325 5.5 11.5 22.5
DCP2090 60 2 260 420 630 28 48 91

DCP10  DCP11 DCP20
Material Silicon (Doped by boron with the concentration about 5×1020 cm-3 to avoid electrostatic charges.)
Cantilever Geometry Rectangular  Rectangular Triangular
Number of Cantilevers One Two One
Front Side Coating Diamond doped with nitrogen for conductivity
Front Side Coating Thickness ~100nm
Back Side Coating Au reflective
Tip Specifications
Tip Geometry Conical
Tip Height 10 – 15 μm
Tip Aspect Ratio 3:1
Tip Cone Angle ≤22°
Tip Curvature Radius (Nom) ~100μm
Coating Specification:
  • Thickness of diamond coating is about 100 nm.
  • Diamond coating is doped with nitrogen.
  • Film resistivity: 0,5-1 Ohm*cm.
  • Tip curvature radius after coating is about 100 nm.
  • Recommended for electrical modes.
  • Specially recommended for Oxidation Nanolithography.

Product Details

Survival Test

A single DCP tip was used to obtain 50 LAO Lithography images of Mona Lisa, and was still “alive”. Other tips may have been destroyed, but we offer the highest quality.

LAO Nanolithography was made on Ti film in Semicontact mode by NSG20 probe with conductive diamond coating.

DCP20 Mona Lisa

NTEGRA Aura system. Scan size: 8×8µm.

The thickness of lithography line was measured after the “survival” test. It is about 22nm.

DCP20 lith line
DCP20 lith thickness

I/U characteristic made by DCP20 tip on freshly cleaved HOPG (Highly Oriented Pyrolitic Graphite):

DCP20 Graph

Additional Information

Product Yield
Guaranteed product yield is better than 90%
Probes are packaged in GelPak® boxes (GelPak® is a registered trade mark of Vichem Corporation)
  • 1 year for uncoated probes
  • 6 months for probes with conductive coating
All in-stock items ship within 24 hours.
Standard Ground, 2-Day, Next Day options available.
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Series: DCP10
Product Tip Quantity: 15
Series: DCP20
Product Tip Quantity: 15
Series: DCP20
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Series: DCP11
Product Tip Quantity: 50