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Complete Package for Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) Testing

K-Tek Nanotechnology offers a complete package for Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) testing. Our customers will receive all of the necessary testing components, including electronic controllers, software, and our high-quality probes. K-Tek Nanotechnology’s SThM probes provide better than 100nm lateral resolution with both thermal images and topography scans. Our specialized manufacturing system allows for high resistance at the tip apex.


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Probe Base 2 x 3 mm
Cantilever (thermal SiO2) 150 x 60 x 1 µm
Resistor Metal 5 nm NiCr – 40 nm Pd
Track & Pad Metal 5 nm NiCr – 140 nm Au
Resistance 300-500 Ω
Tip Radius < 100 nm
Max Temperature 160°C
Tip Height ~ 10 µm
SiO2 Spring Constant 0.45 N/m
Fo ~ 48 kHz
Sensitivity app. 1 Ω/°C
Series Resistors 2 x 100 Ω (± 25 Ω)

Product Details

Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) is an advanced SPM mode intended for simultaneous obtaining nanoscale thermal and topography images. A SThM kit is able to visualize temperature and thermal conductivity distribution at the sample surface. The SThM system hardware includes electronic controller, software, and probes.

SThM mode of operation with an AFM requires a specialized probe with a resistor built into the cantilever. The SThM module allows one to monitor the resistance changes correlated with the temperature at the end of the probe. So the system is able to monitor relative changes of sample temperature and thermal conductivity.Our thermal probes provide better than 100 nm lateral resolution for both topography and thermal images.

The specialized SThM cantilever, made of SiO2 with a thin metal layer, is deposited on the probe in such a way that the highest resistance portion of the layer is concentrated near the tip apex.

Sample: Optical Fiber in Epoxy.
Scan size: 6 x 6 um.

AFM Probe Scan

Topography image

AFM Probe Scan

Thermal conductivity image

AFM Probe

SThM probe in the cantilever holder

AFM Probe Kit

Set of probes

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