Etalon Probes

Etalon is a new series of excellent composite AFM probes with no comparison in the world market in terms of quality-to-price ratio.

K-Tek Nanotechnology’s line of Etalon probes are the next generation of AFM Probes. This innovative product has a very high aspect ratio tip, and provides high accuracy and reflection at a very reasonable price. These AFM tips are available for multiple scanning modes and include a number of coating options. High resonance frequency and accuracy are delivered through a patented manufacturing process—all in a low-noise and easy-to-use product backed by outstanding customer service and support.

HA_FM Series
High Accuracy, Force Modulation AFM Probes
HA_HR Series
High Accuracy, High Resonance, Noncontact AFM Probes
HA_C Series
High Accuracy, Contact AFM Probes
HA_CNC Series
High Accuracy, Contact-Noncontact/Tapping AFM Probes
HA_NC Series
High Accuracy, Noncontact AFM Probes