CVD Graphene for AFM
CVD Graphene for AFMCVD Graphene for AFM

CVD Graphene

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method is an excellent solution for providing high quality characteristics, including imperviousness, high purity, perfect grain structure, stability, and increased hardness compared to other coating methods. The graphene – nanoscale allotrope of carbon – is a popular material with many useful properties, such as light transparency and electrical conductivity. CVD graphene is transferable onto various substrates, making the technique acceptable for several applications.


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GR11_Si GR33_Cu
Layer 1 1
Substrate SiO2 Cu Foil
Substrate Thickness 300nm 25um
Size 1cm x 1cm 3cm x 3cm
Sheet Resistance 600-800 ohm/sq 600-800 ohm/sq
Transparency >97% >97%


-Graphene electronics and transistors

-Conductive coatings

-Aerospace industry applications

-Support for metallic catalysts



-Chemical and biosensors

-Multifunctional materials based on graphene

-Graphene research

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Substrate: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)
Substrate: Copper (Cu) Foil