A2200 3D Printer
A2200 3D PrinterA2200 3D Printer

3D Printer

Enhanced 3D printer for functional inks capabilities and advanced printed electronics applications. The 3D printer lowers the barrier for prototyping and small volume production of fully functioning electronic devices for education and even home use.

Engineered for 3D printed electronics and more.
– Easily 3D print wiring, circuits, PCBs, etc.
– Optimized software to aid you with printed electronics projects.


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Dual Extruder
M421 Micro-Writer Module
Standard Inks
Standard Filaments
Conductive Inks
Conductive Filaments
Micro-Writer Tip Kit
Control Software

New print materials with A2200

2D 3D
Conductive Inks (Ag, Au, Cu) Silver Paste (<0.000001 Ωm)
p- and n-semiconductors (OTFT) Silver Paste (<0.006 Ωcm)
Dielectric Inks (PET) Resistor (<0.75 Ωcm), Insulators (ABS, PLA), metals, ceramics, composites, epoxies, solders, dielectric paste
Nanomaterials (Graphene, Ag, Nanotubes)
Power Connections
Micro-Electronic packaging
Resistive Devices
Heater Coils
Printed Antennas
Printed Electronics
Ceramic Structurs
Heterogeneous Mixtures

3D print your next cell phone, internet-enables electronic device, loT, wearables, transparent, flexible, fully functional devices, complete with circuits and electronic components.