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High Resolution, Long Lifetime Magnetic Probes Set (15 Probes)
HA_FM Series
High Accuracy, High Resonance, Force Modulation AFM Probes
HA_HR Series
High Accuracy, High Resonance, Noncontact AFM Probes
Single Crystal Diamond (SCD)
ART™ probes are single crystal diamond (SCD) tips specially grown in CVD process and glued to silicon cantilevers for use in AFM. ART™ growth technology provides durable and chemically inert probes with high aspect ratio and small tip radius by affordable price comparable to that of traditional silicon probes. SCD tip usually has a sharp edge at the apex which makes it applicable for imaging flat surfaces with high resolution.

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Small-Diameter Series
Our new series of Small Diameter CNT Probes is now available. Small Diameter (SD) probes are based on carefully selected narrow diameter CNT’s with the same quality and durability as our standard CNT probes. Available in both short and medium lengths for your precision imaging & scanning needs.
DLC Probes
Super Sharp Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Probes
HA_FM Series
High Accuracy, High Resonance, Force Modulation AFM Probes
AFM Calibration
K-Tek Nanotechnology supplies full line of calibration standards for SPM lateral and vertical calibration, detection of lateral non-linearity, hysteresis, creep and cross-coupling effects, and determination of the tip shape.
Highly Oriented Pyrolitic Graphite (HOPG) for SPM applications